Florida city agrees to pay hackers $600,000 in bitcoin to get its computer files back – TechnoManish

Florida city agrees to pay hackers $600,000 in bitcoin to get its computer files back – TechnoManish

Riviera Beach officials felt they had no choice but to pay a huge ransom to recover data – many experts disagree. hackers grab your computer files – should you pay to get them back? A small Florida city did just that by agreeing to pay more than half a million dollars in ransom to regain access to files and data that were locked and encrypted.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) – A Florida city agreed to pay $600,000 in ransom to hackers who took over its computer system, the latest in thousands of attacks worldwide aimed at extorting money from governments and businesses.

A Florida town has agreed to pay a $600,000 ransom in Bitcoin after hackers paralyzed its computer systems. The payment was authorized this week by the city council of Riviera Beach, which is located north of Miami and has a population of around 32,500, the Palm Beach Post reported.

The hackers, hoping to cover their tracks as best they can, demanded to be paid via cryptocurrency. In this case, $600,000 worth of bitcoin.

The city council for Riviera Beach, Florida, voted this week to pay more than $600,000 to a ransomware gang so city officials could recover data that has been locked and encrypted more than three.

Riviera Beach has now agreed to pay a $600,000 ransom, despite no guarantees the hackers will hand back control of the computer system The FBI says 1,493 ransomware attacks were reported last year.

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Following a cyber attack that began on May 29th, the city council of Riviera Beach, Florida has agreed to pay hackers $600,000 in Bitcoin to get its computer. Last month bookmark_border

Small town pays hackers $600000 to get computers back, don’t let this happen to you – Komando. CNet reports that the northern Florida city said it would be paying hackers up to $460,000 in Bitcoin to recover its computer systems.. Before the city council agreed to pay the hackers, the.

Lake City, a city of about 13,000 residents 65 miles west of Jacksonville, joins Riviera Beach as the second Florida local government to pay "ransomware" in a month.

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Recently, the city council for Riviera Beach City voted to pay the 65 Bitcoins, about $592,000 at the time, hackers were demanding to release the city’s computers and servers.

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