Get Rid Of Fruit Flies: Fruit Fly Control & Management

Get Rid Of Fruit Flies: Fruit Fly Control & Management

 · If you’re dealing with a fruit fly infestation, you’ll need to remove any produce in which a fruit fly may have laid eggs, to prevent the infestation from spreading. Get that over-ripe produce into the compost bin, and make sure that any new produce that enters.

Fruit Fly Sprays, Fruit Fly Traps and Other Merchandises There is a large variety of fruit fly spray products available in the markets. These are the best if you want to be quickly rid of your problem.

How to get rid of fruit flies in your home. Fall is the time of the year when fruit flies can become very bothersome in homes. Here are some tips for removing them. September 5, 2013 – Author: Howard Russell, MSU Diagnostic Services, Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

Attractant baits and fruit fly traps offer an easy and non-toxic way to get rid of fruit flies. Bug zappers are another alternative. There are also a range of natural bug sprays that can quickly end a fruit fly infestation without putting kids, pets or the fruit bowl in harm’s way.

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There are plenty of DIY methods to be found, but without proper breeding site elimination, the fruit fly infestation will remain. To control fruit flies, doing things like cleaning the kitchen counters, cleaning and sterilizing garbage cans and dumpsters, and getting professional drain cleaning can help to a certain extent.

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Get Rid Of Flies Fly Breeding. Flies have been a nuisance insect for thousands of years. They affect human welfare because they can transmit diseases. flies such as the common house fly are classified as filth flies because they breed in rotten food, manure, and garbage. A fly can mature from egg to adult in as few as ten days.

To get rid of fruit flies, pour approximately a half cup of apple cider vinegar into a small bowl, add a few drops of dish soap, place the bowl near the fruit flies, and wait a day or two. The sweet pungent odor of apple cider vinegar attracts fruit flies to the bowl.

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