Raccoon pictured ‘riding alligator’

Raccoon pictured ‘riding alligator’

We told you about the raccoon riding an alligator and now I have something even more patriotic for you. An aware photographer captured several pictures of a bald eagle giving a mid-air piggyback ride.

Apparently the picture was taken by a man who was looking at alligators with his family, when his son startled a raccoon they couldn't see.

This is a photo captured by Richard Jones while hiking through the Ocala National Forest in Florida. It’s a racoon riding an alligator.Now I’m not saying Richard was clearly on acid, but racoons riding alligators isn’t really something a person sees when they’re not tripping their face off.

A Florida man’s photo of a raccoon apparently resting on top of an alligator at Ocala National Forest has now. to catch a different angle and scared a raccoon. "I snapped a lucky picture right when.

 · A Florida raccoon may be the bravest hitchhiker in the country. The racoon briefly hopped onto an alligator’s back and Richard Jones snapped a picture. Jones and.

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Jones clicked his camera quickly to capture the image before the raccoon scampered away. "Definitely the photo of a lifetime," he told the station. Alligator sightings are. his unique picture isn’t.

Florida raccoon 'riding' alligator captured on camera. I snapped a lucky picture right when the gator slipped into the water and before the.

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Police in Norfolk County are reminding residents not to phone 911 for raccoon complaints. ontario provincial Police say on Tuesday someone phoned the emergency line for a raccoon that appeared to be.

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A man walking in a forest in Florida, America, has captured a rare image of a raccoon appearing to stand and ride on the back of an alligator.

I know I’ve already told this story a couple of times, but one year me and my family took a vacation down to Ft Lauderdale, Florida. We were driving along a beachside road one night when we saw a group of about 30 or so raccoons sitting at the street corner.

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